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Our Background

From Lost Stories to Gaining Perspectives:

We began in 2012 as a collection of photography, home-film, and small personal objects that had been discarded or relinquished by its original owners. The aim was to find a contemporary relevance for this material. We hoped to create projects and exhibitions that showed their worth - a connection to history, community and society, that its original owners had forgotten or not recognised. The aim was to promote the value of inter-generational conversations, homemade knowledge and experience sharing. But instead, more and more, community members were reaching out to us in the hope that we would take on the responsibility of care for them.

Realising we might actually be contributing to a problem we wanted to help solve, our focus shifted. We stopped collecting objects and started collecting perspectives. 

The lesson:                                     

                                                        Success is not popularity 

 Even popular projects will need to change if they via off mission.

Here's the story in video form.

In October 2017 we were invited to Bargoonga Kganjin North Fitzroy Library for Pecha Kucha #30. The challenge, present our work in 20 slides, each with 20 seconds of commentary.

The theme, "Protest Against Forgetting". We were asked to respond to the following:

In our culture, the process of forgetting is systematic. Indigenous histories and the basic human right of refuge are denied. Keep cups are carried, while we practice collective amnesia about what science predicts for our planet. At the local level we forget the buildings and hangout spots that once defined us, the activists that fought for us, and the stories that shaped us. In this campaign against forgetting, what must be remembered?

We thought it was a great chance to introduce ourselves:

A Pecha Kucha Introduction

A Pecha Kucha Introduction

Play Video

We continue to use the archive in our primary and pre-school incursion sessions and in projects which discuss issues relating to the ethnics of the use of photography and film in sociological and historical research. And, we have some snippets for you!

This clip was produced by local Melbourne band, Brown Spirits using our 'lost & found' film stock. 

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