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The Good Room

The Good Room was our biggest project.




Located in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick East, the aim was to settle down for two years, to develop a community around The Foundling Archive mission. The Good Room hosted a variety of exhibitions, events and workshops aimed at providing small groups of people a place to robustly discuss big ideas. Film screenings, artist salons, spoken word and poetry events, book launches, debates, think-tanks, a symposium and a few Christmas parties! Some of our favourite and most memorable events are listed below, with thanks to all our partners and collaborators.  The Good Room hosted 39 events, 12 workshops, 5 exhibitions and 2084 visitors. We loved it. 

An Otherwise Quiet Room

An Otherwise Quiet Room is a Melbourne-based video series placing artists (songwriters) in local social spaces.

Episodes feature interviews and duets between the featured songwriter and host / creator Mandy Connell. Mandy and her guest duet on one of her songs, a song by her guest, and a song by an independent artist, chosen by the guest. Each video also features a chat with the owner or manager of the social space hosting the performance.

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