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International Melbourne

This project looks at us - Melbournians - in all our multicultural, diverse hipness and asks the question:
"Are we as open, as friendly, as cosmopolitan as we think we are?"

The quirks of a place - its contradictions and its beauty, but also its strengths and opportunities are most visible to those who are newest to it. 'International: Melbourne' incorporates the perspectives of 14 international students as they grapple with the confusing, the disappointing and the promising elements of Australian culture. Illustrations by Nini Li and Yi Pei. 

This project was developed by Masters in Art Curatorship students at The University of Melbourne.  Initiated in 2017, ACP PROJECTS (Art Curatorship Partnership Projects) provides professional development opportunities to students through exhibitions, events, public programs, workshops, publications and more, developed with arts and cultural organisations across The University of Melbourne.

Project made in collaboration with Lily Qianwen Fang, Phoebe Wang, Padina Chardjareewatta, David Henry & Rachel Marsden.

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