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Refuge Week 2011

We were invited to the City Of Whittlesea to honour 23 members of the community for their outstanding contribution in a voluntary capacity. This project incorporates the experiences and reflections of the 22 nominees and these formed the basis of The Refugee Week Exhibition. The project was later screened on Channel 31. 

Congratulations to Dr. Basman Marcus, Dr Berhan Ahmed, Farzaneh Dehghan, Branka Gavran, Wily Mana, Kuol Garang, Ali Said Haji Ali Yow, Nasir Al Assadi, Jouana Assadi, Khalid Al Hilli, Muna Al-Ajily, Chantal Kabamba, Yanko Kalincev, Jeremiah Temple, Boaz Smith, Elizabeth Nipoe, Martina Ojja, Nasrin Yousif, Ridha Salman, Dalal Elsaafin, Yousef Alreemawi, Thanh Hoang and Phuong Chi Bui. Thank you to our major sponsor Melbourne Fire Brigade.

​This project would not have happened without the additional support of Whittlesea Community Connections, Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Channel 31.

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